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Business visa for Canada

Canada, an economically rich country, offers immense opportunities to business visitors. Thousands of businessmen undertake short-term visits to Canada in search of new and exciting business opportunities. Under the Business Visitor visa category, foreign nationals may visit Canada for short periods to partake in business dealings with Canadian companies. The eligible applicants are permitted to explore business opportunities, interact with Canadian business counterparts and participate in trade conferences. However, this visa does not allow applicants to assume employment in Canada. Business Visitor visa is best suited for travelers intending to experience Canadian culture, tour sites, and enjoy leisure activities while exploring various business options.


Business Visa For Australia

The Australian Business Visa Program encourages successful business owners, investors and senior executives to establish themselves in Australia while developing new or existing opportunities in Australian businesses. Business migrants taking the first pathway must undergo a 2-stage progression to obtain residency. As such, visa holders are first granted a Business Skills (Provisional) Visa for 4 years and after establishing the requisite level of business or maintaining their suitable investment, will be eligible to make an application for a Business Skills (Residence) Visa.


Business Visa For USA

Business Visa is a non-immigrant visa to the USA. It is called B1 visa. Those who would like to travel to the U.S.A for a short duration for business related reasons that do not require actual labor work or receiving payment from a U.S. source can apply for a business visa. Citizens of certain countries can travel to the U.S. for a duration of up to 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program and therefore do not need to apply for a business visa. A business visa is appropriate for a variety of business related activities such as attending a conference, business meetings and several other purposes, but not for conducting business. Look at the comprehensive list of Permissible and Prohibited Activities on a business visa.


Business Visa For NewZeland

New Zealand is one of the most ideal countries for Business and Investment. Its Business Visa Categories are specially designed to promote and encourage the foreign business and investment in the country in order to further develop and enhance the economy here. NZ Government support and encourage the experienced business people to buy or establish the Business in NZ. Due to the transparent and steady business environment to encourage the entrepreneurship, Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the 3rd best country for business. Easy money flow and positive taxation in favor of investors and businessmen are the two key aspects that attract and invite the investors to this part of the world.