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PR Visa Without IELS

If you have the ambition to settle in Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, you should contact us at the Top Visa consultancy, to find out about the procedures related to the Permanent Residency program. Based on the point system, there are different visa categories under which the PR Visa can be applied for. Therefore, people can obtain a visa without IELTS.


Student Visa Without IELTS

Student can fly without IELTS for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These are the most sought after destinations for Indian students considering their further education abroad. It offers students numerous options of Universities and courses to choose from as per their interested field of study. Post-study options are available to a student to extend their stay in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, it all starts with the approval of a student visa.


Visitor Visa Without IELTS

The visitor visa of Canada, US, Australia and Newzeland, which is also called Temporary Resident Visa, allows you to travel to Canada for several reasons, such as sightseeing, visits to family and friends, and more. As a tourist, you can explore the country in its vibrant cities and enjoy shopping, festivals, food, etc. In addition to free time, the tourist visitor visa also helps you visit your family and friends or conduct business. Therefore, people can fly without IELTS.


Business Visa Without IELTS

You must also prove to the government of Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand your genuine intention to run a business and make investments in Australia, Canada, USA and Newzeland. For this, you must meet certain requirements on various commercial factors, such as business operations, ownership of the company, assets and employees, and turnover. Therefore, people can fly without IELTS.


Work Permit Without IELTS

All who are looking for work in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand should approach us and we will guide you. Lately, new measures or new rules have been given by Canada, USA, New Zealand government for foreign workers and also for Canadian employers who are hiring them. There are few categories who do not need work permit to move to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. This is mainly for sports person or politicians. So, people can fly without IELTS.